Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Is there a fee to attend?

A: No, it's FREE!


Q: Is there a fee to park?

A: No it's FREE


​Q: What are the event hours open to the public?

A: Sat 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.  Unless specified on facebook event


Q: Is this a kid friendly event?

​A: Yes it's safe for the entire family


Q: Is there food at this event?

​A: Yes, the facility has food and drink for sale


Q: Is there alcohol at this event?

​A: No , it's a smoke and alcohol free- events are INDOORS


Q: Is there music at this event?

​A: Most events we try to have a  DJ


Q: Are vendors taking credit/debit cards at the event?

​A: Yes , we take cash too


​Q: Can handicap patrons easily navigate the event?

​A: Yes, our isles are approx. 8 feet wide and on concrete. Can easily accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. 


Q: Is there handicap parking?

​A: Yes 


​Q: What is there to do at this event?

​A: Most of the time, attendees come to shop, to take advantage of the offers, unique products and great customer service. 


​Q: Who do I contact if I have a question not answered here, problem or concern?

​A: Feel free to contact RGV Queens via email or phone (956)685-1234