From the Beginning

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RGV Queens (Clara & Becky) is a Mother/Daughter Team, who happen to be Ind. Consultants for a direct sales company called Paparazzi Accessories. We sell necklaces sets, earrings, rings, headbands, bracelets, hippie bands, bows and lanyards each item at $5 + tax.

Now, starting Oct 2017, the company launch the exclusive consultant convention pieces called "Z Collection". These 20 sets of necklaces price is $25 are for sale to the general public. 

RGV Queens shares the beauty of fashion jewelry and the business opportunity to all who want to join us, to grow- team, learn-business, meet-new people and earn income part-time or full-time at a pace you feel comfortable; Is your business! we are here only to support, guide, and help in any way we may.

We believe in dreams, we believe in strength, we believe in risk-taking, we believe in make it happen- "Let's join forces to make it happen"

The name of RGV Queens came to be when we attended Companies' Convention  August 2013.  We took a picture and they gaves us a small board to write some particular of our TEAM. Little did we know no ACTIVE Ind. Consultant from the Rio Grande Valley back then. So my Mom and I embrace the challenge of being the RGV Queens and spread, promote the product, the love and the great business opportunity to all the Rio Grande Valley.

Ever since, we have participated in most outdoor/indoor in the RGV. We have made home parties, garages, garden, office, bridal, mother and daughter parties.

We may not be rich, but we sure are wealthy. We have met so  many wonderful people, as clients and as vendors.  

In 2014, we took the challenge to gather local small home based businesses (vendors) together with us to have a big party called "Ladies Day Out", in Brownsville, TX; also bringing together  the community and surrounding cities to one place to SHOP-SAMPLE-SOCIALIZE! Join us!